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‘No one has a God-given right’: Langer’s dig at India after quarantine demand


Australia coach Justin Langer. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Australian coach Justin Langer has taken a dig at the Indian cricket team amid concerns surrounding another hotel quarantine in Brisbane.

Reports emerged on the weekend that India were looking at boycotting the Brisbane Test if strict coronavirus protocols were enforced again.

It was claimed that India were deeply concerned for its playing group, which was mentally exhausted by the whole process.

Langer though took his media opportunity on Tuesday to send a clear reminder to all players when asked about the dilemma.

“We all have a choice, that’s one thing,” the Australia coach said on Tuesday.

“No one has got a God-given right to play for Australia and for their country. Every one of us can step outside of it. I have been very consistent in saying that if anyone can deal with it cricketers can because that’s how we live most of our lives anyway.”

Currently all travellers arriving in Queensland from Sydney must undergo 14 days quarantine.

India though were clear from the outset that one quarantine period was enough.

The two sides shared a hotel with the public in Melbourne but were isolated.

“It is not much different to what we are used to,” Langer maintained.

“It’s a little bit tighter than general but we will get on with it. We know how important this Test series is.

“India beat us here [in Australia] last time and we want to make amends for that and we want to keep moving our journey forward and the only way you can do that is by concentrating on what we can and that’s playing great cricket in this third Test match in Sydney.

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A source from the Indian team told Cricbuzz on the weekend that they were not keen on being forced into a hotel again and did not want to travel to Brisbane if that was the case.

“If you look at it, we were quarantining for 14 days in Dubai before landing in Sydney and doing so for another 14 days. That means we were in a hard bubble for nearly a month before coming out. What we don’t want now is to quarantine again at the end of the tour,” the source told Cricbuzz.

“We aren’t keen on going to Brisbane if it means being stuck in the hotel again, except for going to the ground. Instead we don’t mind being in some other city, playing both Test matches there to complete the series and returning home,” he added.

“All we’re saying is the boys have been in various states of lockdowns and bubbles for nearly six months now. And it’s not been easy for anyone.”

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